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Wednesday 8/27/2014

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i see people posting that “yee” video a lot, but can you withstand a fully 30 minutes of that studio’s animation

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is it bitchy to sleep downstairs when gorman is upstairs when we’re not fighting and havent slept apart except like 2 times in the 6 months we’ve lived together

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Because of your ignorance, I couldn’t even understand that.

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white people will buy whole outfits for their pets and turn around n talk shit about nigga buyin nikes for themselves white people dont want us to have SHOES





No, we just think its stupid to spend $150+ for shoes that you can get for $50.

Honestly? You’re right. Payless air walks and them fubus at walmart do go off

Because of your ignorance, I couldn’t even understand that.

This is so feeble I’m screaming

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contemporary art 

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contemporary art 

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i wish i could have brought my bed from wisconsin….i would do anything to have that bed back

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